Social Walks Class in London held by trainer Winkie Spears.

We have started our Social Walks classes in Saranac Lake!

The goal is to bring dogs together in a controlled setting and give them low energy activities to do in each other’s presence. The dogs might be 20 feet + away from each other or closer – it’s all up to what is most comfortable for each dog.

We will walk together for an hour at a slow, exploratory pace. We’ll do treat searches together, explore back streets, and find objects for our dogs to sniff. We will find places and times to walk so that other dogs will be minimal and hopefully on leash.


Adirondacks: Saranac Lake, NY at the Training Center, 48 St. Bernard Street

In the future, we will hold classes in Keene Valley and Lake Placid – we will announce this when we’re ready to start!

Program Schedule & Cost

Days & Times: Saturdays at 8:30am – we leave promptly at these times.

Length of Class: 1 hour – we will start and finish at the center.

Cost: Single: $20/class, Package of 10: $150/10 classes ($15/class)

Register: Booking for each class is mandatory even if you’ve pre-paid. We recommend you book for the class you want via our Mountain Hooves & Paws Group Classes . We have limited space so please register in advance or contact us via email at

Social walks classes give your dog the skills to travel! Here’s Britta in Provincetown on Cape Cod!

Outline of Program

We will start at the Training Center by foot with our dogs and follow a loop through Saranac Lake. We will go slowly so our dogs can explore with their noses and stay at scents for as long as they’d like. This is their time. Our goal is for them to relax and enjoy this hour.

We will set up situations where the class dogs can search for treats together so they can practice scenting and eating socially. We will work on behaviors such as loose leash walking, social walking, crossing streets, seeing new objects, climbing up on objects, giving attention to handler, and other behaviors which make dog walking enjoyable for all.

This is an interactive class and is open to all breeds and ages. The class will be helpful by increasing your handling skills, connection with your dog, and your dog’s confidence.


You’ll need to have taken a series of private or group lessons with us prior to the class. Sorry, there are no exceptions.

Please ask us if this is a good class for you and your dog. We’ll let you know!

Equipment List

Please make sure you are appropriately dressed for being outside during the class. We might be in slightly wet areas, too, so bring waterproof shoes/boots.


– Bring a harness for your dog – this is mandatory! The harness does not need to be fancy. Flat webbing is fine but it’s important the harness does not cross in front of the dog’s chest and impede their shoulder movement.

Make sure your dog is used to the harness before arriving at class. We highly recommend pairing the harness with lots of treats. So, every time you get the harness out, the dog gets a treat…and every time you slip the harness over his/her head, the dog gets a treat. You get the picture! (and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help finding a harness!)

– Bring your dog’s favorite treats — and enough treats to cover an hour of walking with other dogs and new distractions

– Bring a 6 foot (minimum) flat webbed leash (or something similar) – in other words, no chained leashes as you’ll need something that slides nicely through your hand. Longer is fine, too.

– Have your dog equipped in a standard web buckle collar

Rules (yes, because we’re going out in public, we do need rules):

– You are responsible for keeping distance from other dogs if needed by your dog our by another handler’s dog.
Booking is essential (email is best:
– All dogs need to be in a harness equipped with a long lead (at least 6 feet and not made of metal)
Positive methods only for handling dogs – we want all dogs to be comfortable in the presence of other dogs and people!
– Children are welcome, but they must focus on their own dog and follow these rules
No dog toys or other devices which might excite the dogs