Agility I & II

New for 2020!

We offer a structured approach to group learning which is setup to provide the best learning opportunities for your dog.

  • We have a particular learning progression unique to each class.  In other words, we’ll need you to partake in every lesson or complete a makeup 1/2 hour private lesson before the next class.  The lessons build upon each other.
  • If you know you will have to miss a lesson for any reason, you’ll find a chance to pre-pay for a 1/2 hour private lesson at the training center as a makeup.  We can reserve the makeup time for you as soon as possible.

  • Look below for a complete description of this class
  • Please select date AND time to register for class – spaces are limited and on a first come, first served basis.
  • You can choose to pay via check (address will be provided) or credit card once you reach the checkout.  Thank you!


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Class:  Agility I & II
Where:  Saranac Lake Training Center
When:  Saturdays (see below for time slots)
Duration:  6 Weeks for each level
Cost:  $120

This class is for anyone interested in learning the basics of agility without any pressure of competition.  You dog will learn how to navigate different agility obstacles for fun – we leave the competitive agility training for other trainers!  You will learn some basic agility handling skills and more importantly, your dog will learn to work independently of you (which is an important step if you ever want a reliable off leash recall!).  We will work with obstacles such as jumps, tunnels, the teeter, the A frame, weave poles, and the table.  We do not have an agility field, but we will be able to set up various scenarios of at least four obstacles at a time.  We have recommendations for more advanced training if you find you have the “agility bug!”

This class lasts six weeks and accommodates two levels.  (Level 1 = 6 weeks and Level II = 6 weeks).

Prerequisites:  Previous training experience is needed – please contact us to make sure you qualify before registering.

  • Our class size is small (no more than 4 dogs/class).  As a result, you and your dog will receive individual attention during lessons.
  • We do not expect class dogs to be at the same level or have the same background in learning.  We are happy to accommodate the differences.
  • We teach humans as well as dog with fully positive, encouraging methods.  The classes are designed to enjoyable as well as fun!
  • Our group classes are a commitment to your dog as well as the other participants in the class.
  • In the Basic Manners as well as Precious Puppy classes, we will provide you with a treat pouch, clickers, and relevant reading materials.

We also offer semi private agility lessons or private lessons!

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Agility I & II: Start date July 11th at 2pm