Calm & Confident for Reactive Dogs

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Class:  Calm & Confident
Where:  Saranac Lake Training Center
When:  Arrange by appointment:  Classes will be held for 2 or more interested dog/handler teams!
Duration:  6 Weeks
Cost:  $150

This class is for dogs who over react to situations such as the presence of strangers (dogs and people) as well as certain sights, sounds, and scents.  Our goal in this class is to help your dog think first and choose not to react.  We start by slowly exposing your dog to potential triggers at a level he can handle (and still think).  We will help her choose responses that involve thought such as eye contact or even deciding to sit in the presence of a non-threatening trigger.

We will provide a safe environment for your dog at the training center.  Dogs will have their own space with visual barriers to help them feel non-threatened in the presence of other dogs.  Remember, fear is usually the cause of reactivity – and reactivity can be expressed by trying to chase the “trigger” away or even trying to run away from the trigger.

This class is six weeks long and will be dependent upon students completing homework in between classes (around 15 minutes/day).  We will use an established method for helping reactive dogs called “Click to Calm.”  Instructors Gene and Kinna Ohman-Leone have studied directly with the founder of the program, Emma Parsons and have been professionally helping reactive animals since 2012.  The class will also provide students with the most up to date science regarding why dogs can be reactive and behavior aspects of reactivity.

If your dog’s reactivity is severe, we recommend you first contact us and possibly enroll in a few private lessons before beginning this class.

Class price includes a treat pouch, clickers, the Mountain Hooves & Paws training booklet and 2 books:  Turid Rugaas’s Calming Signals and Emma Parson’s Click to Calm.

No prerequisites for the first level, but it does help to have some basic training in place.