Hybrid Precious Puppies Socialization and Training Class

Please see below for complete description!

We offer a structured approach to group learning which is setup to provide the best learning opportunities for your dog.

  • We have a particular learning progression unique to each class.  In other words, we’ll need you to partake in every lesson or complete a makeup lesson before the next class.  The lessons build upon each other.
  • If you know you will have to miss a lesson for any reason, please let us know.

  • Look below for a complete description of this class
  • **Before signing up, please check with us for times/days to start the lessons with us.  We teach Wednesday through Saturdays and most hybrid lessons are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays.**
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Class: Hybrid Precious Puppies Training & Socialization Class
Where:  Zoom sessions and/or In-Person at Saranac Lake Training Center
When:  Weekly Group Video Class (Thursday afternoon at 4:00pm)
Duration: 6 Weeks *Open Enrollment – Start Any Week and Continue for 6 Consecutive Weeks
Cost: $120 Without Gear / $150 Including Training Booklet, Calming Signals Book, Puppy Start Right Book, Treat Pouch, & Clickers

Are you interested in a class which provides your puppy with basic skills, builds and maintains your puppy’s confidence, and helps your puppy learn to handle the human world including sights, sounds, and other experiences? We highly recommend this class to help your puppy gain the confidence needed to be a fun companion. There are certain experiences a puppy should have during this integral growth period in order to avoid future fears and sensitivities. We will guide you through these and help you find positive solutions for common behavior issues such as mouthing and jumping. We will also help you ensure your puppy is comfortable with being left alone for appropriate periods of time. As a guide, the book, “Puppy Start Right” will be included in the class.

This class is not just for beginner puppies but for any puppy under 17 weeks of age!

This class lasts 6 weeks. But, you can start anytime as we know it’s important to start working with your puppy as soon as possible! We just ask that once you start, you finish in 6 weeks. Consecutive, regular training is so important at this stage!

  • We do not expect class dogs to be at the same level or have the same background in learning.  We are happy to accommodate the differences.
  • We teach humans as well as dog with fully positive, encouraging methods.  The classes are designed to enjoyable as well as fun!
  • In the Basic Manners as well as Precious Puppy classes, we will provide you with a treat pouch, clickers, and relevant reading materials.

How Does the Hybrid Approach Work?

Once a week we’ll meet for a half hour private lesson via Zoom, in-person at our Saranac Lake Training Center, or a combination of both.  At our training center, there’s an opportunity to have your puppy work in the presence of our adult dog, Laddie — as if your pup is in a small group class.  We also try to set up owners for puppy play dates outside of class.

Our training center has a hand wash station, we wear masks inside and outside, and we also ventilate the space with outside air during and after the lesson.  The exterior space has a fenced in yard with additional options to train and learn.

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Hybrid In Person or Zoom Lessons