New for 2020!

We offer a structured approach to group learning which is setup to provide the best learning opportunities for your dog.  Here’s what you can expect from Mountain Hooves & Paws group lessons:

  • Our class size is small (no more than 4 dogs/class).  As a result, you and your dog will receive individual attention during lessons.
  • We do not expect class dogs to be at the same level or have the same background in learning.  We are happy to accommodate the differences.
  • We teach humans as well as dog with fully positive, encouraging methods.  The classes are designed to be enjoyable as well as fun!
  • We have a particular learning progression unique to each class.  In other words, we’ll need you to partake in every lesson or complete a makeup 1/2 hour private lesson before the next class.  The lessons build upon each other.
  • If you know you will have to miss a lesson for any reason, you’ll find a chance to pre-pay for a 1/2 hour private lesson at the training center as a makeup.  We can reserve the makeup time for you as soon as possible.
  • Our group classes are a commitment to your dog as well as the other participants in the class.
  • In the Basic Manners as well as Precious Puppy classes, we will provide you with a treat pouch, clickers, and relevant reading materials.